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Custom Clay Tumbler Candle

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176 Candle Company partnered with a local clay artist, Kat's Clay Creations, to bring you these amazing, reusable tumblers.  Each tumbler is hand made and hand painted, so no two are the same!  What's even better...They are safe for food or use in the microwave and dishwasher!  That's right, once you're done enjoying the candle, you can clean out the jar, (wash thoroughly) and then use for your favorite drinks!

Don't want to use for a drink?  No problem!  After cleaning, feel free to use on your desk for holding, pens/pencils or markers. Maybe you want to use as a small planter for a succulent.  The options are endless!

Candle is approximately an 8oz candle and the tumbler will hold approximately 10oz of liquid when empty.  Due to the hand made nature of these items there will be variations to the listed size/volume

To reuse/clean: 

  • Finish burning candle to 1/4" left in the tumbler
  • Remove remaining wax by either gently heating the jar, or scraping out gently
  • Jar must be heated to around 185* to remove the wick tab/sticker (heat gun/blow-dryer or even upside down in oven)
  • Wipe down with paper towel any wax/oil residue left in tumbler
    •  Please do not pour wax down your drain.  You WILL clog your drain
  • Wash well either by hand or on top rack of dishwasher
  • Enjoy!!!

Profile Notes:

  • Rainbow (Pride) Candle:  lime, orange, effervescence, cherry and berries
  • Black/Teal Candle: lavendar, woods, musk, lemon peel, lemongrass, camphor, powder  (Natural Bug Repellant!)


Product Information

Our matte tin candles are made with a virgin, coconut-soy wax that is vegan, carcinogen free, cruelty free, gluten free, phthalate free, mutagen free and toxin free. Our wicks are lead and zinc free and wrapped for extra stability. Our tins have raised safety feet to promote safe burning. You can heat up the tin warm water, remove the wick, and recycle or reuse the container. 

Wax Melts
Our wax melts are made with a natural soy tart wax and placed into a container called a "clambshell". 1 clamshell yields 6 individual wax melts. The clamshell is recyclable. 

We use a fragrance that is free from parabens, phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, and organ toxins in all our products.

All products are considered clean and do not require a Prop 65 warning.  We include a warning label with burning instructions on every product.